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Meet the Team

The Brasserie’s core is the students, it is their restaurant. Each service is staffed by MK College trainee chefs and servers growing their passion and skills in the industry. Some students can spend up to three years working in the restaurant, moving up the ranks.

This is what our learners have to say:


“You get to learn how to cook properly with fresh food. It is a commercial kitchen so you are allowed to be proud of the food you produce for people.”
– Megan Rogers, Level 2

“This is where we are comfortable working and feels like a home.”
– Joe Finnis, Level 3

“We get to express our passion and ideas to chef and the staff help and encourage us to succeed.” – Jake Beeley, Level 3


As great as the students are they do get a little help from the industry professionals;


“I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years and this is by far the best job I have ever had. Every day is different and it is amazing to watch the students push themselves, developing new skills and falling in love with the best industry in the world.”
– Sarah King, Restaurant Manager

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